Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Update on Noah 2

Noah seems to be slightly improved today. He hasn't thrown up today. He hasn't eaten much but seems to be tolerating what he does eat. He is definately in better spirits than yesterday.

As far as diagnosis, nothing new. The few things they thought they had found out yesterday, they actually took back today and said they were wrong. Today they took him for a short walk down the hall and tested his oxygen levels. They were low as he walked. So tomorrow they will do a CT angio of his chest to see if he has clots in his lungs as well.

Sounds like the plan right now is that he will come home with a feeding tube until he can gain weight and lovenox shots for 6 months at the very least. They will decide if they are comfortable sending him home with basically no answers and follow up outpatient. This also depends on if I'm comfortable bringing him home with all these problems and no answers.

I guess at some point I'll decide it's okay to have no answers, but today is not that day. :(

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