Friday, October 17, 2008

Schools Out!

The boys had fall break this Thursday and Friday and really wanted to do something fun. I decided we would go hike the "Y". Well we started there, but half way up Jake got bit by a wasp and wanted to go back down. So we went to lunch and then they were all ready for some more adventure. So we went up to Sundance and hiked up to Stewart Falls. It was beautiful!

Happy Hauntings!

This year we went to Aunt Tonia's for our third annual Haunted House making party. The boys love it. I think this was our best year yet. Warning: The candy to make this house costs almost as much as a real house. :) I know, that IS scary!

Monday, October 6, 2008

So Proud!

Noah is in third grade this year. Each month the school gives out a scholar of the month award to a student in each class. Noah recieved the first scholar of the month award for the year. I'm so proud of him for doing so well. (I wrote a much lengthier post about this an hour ago but apparently it did not go through. So I guess now I have to settle for the shorter, more concise version.)

So Proud.....

Well this obviously is my second post ever. It's been about a month. I'm gonna try to get into it this time. Noah is in third grade this year. At the beginning of this school year, Dan and I talked about regretting not waiting a year for him to start school. Hunter and Jacob both waited and we're glad they did. Noah didn't and we have wondered if he should have. We knew he wasn't behind academically, but thought that maybe he wouldn't have the same advantange of an extra year that his older brothers both have. Well, last week at school Noah got an award for Scholar of the Month. Wow, I am impressed. Hunter and Jacob have both received this award before but this one is the first one of the school year, which makes it extra special. The best part about it was just to see his great big gigantic smile. He has this grin that goes from ear to ear, eyes beeming with pride. I love it. I'm sooo proud of him.