Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thanks Easter Bunny

So Noah, as some of you know, is at Primary Childrens Hospital. He has been sick for the past two months and we couldn't figure out why. Two days ago we had an abdominal CT done and discovered that he has a blood clot that runs from his inferior vena cava down to his kidneys. We are waiting for test results to figure out a cause. As of right now it appears that he has all of the specialists scratching their heads a bit. Anyway, he is stable for now. He's just very tired and nauseated and keeps spiking a fever.

I'm so thankful to all of our family and friends for your love and support. Aside from being sick, Noah has enjoyed all the visitors and gifts and love from everyone! It felt like we have had little Easter bunnies dropping by all the time bring gifts and fun. And especially thanks to the Easter bunnies mom for filling in today!


Rockstar said...

We appreciate the prayers and fasting by many. And a big thanks to the Roylance Family for bringing Easter dinner to our home. It was delicious. Daniel

SBZabriskie said...

So sorry to hear about Noah. I hope that he gets better soon. He will be in our prayers!

Dave & Kandy Daniels said...

We have Noah, as well as your family in our every prayers. Hope he has a full recovery soon.

Dave, Kandy and Girls

The Crash Test Dummy said...

hey, your word verifier says dandi.

ha ha ha ha That is ironic ain't it. Double meaning at it's finest. As in everything is fine and dandi.

Lynita, you're the only one who gets that.

Now, your verifier says dipperli.

Now it says lumsep. Ask the doctors if Noah has lumsep. If he does, you heard it here first.

J/K. Your readers must think I'm a nut.

I'll call you later gator. Give Noah a kiss for me.

Hee hee

Sometimes I like to misspell the verifier over and over just to see what comes next. I've gotten a lot of messages from the universe that way.

Skeet said...

You are a NUT, a very funny NUT, a very upbeat funny NUT.