Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Down by a touchdown with 54 seconds left on the clock, Noah's team moves the ball in three great plays down to the 5 yard line. Now, 12 seconds left on the clock, the sidelines were buzzing with excitement, grandma's were passing out right and left due to the anxiety.

Fast forward to Jake's game. The fifth and sixth grade superbowl, ironically the Cardinals against the Steelers. Jake has played wide receiver all year long. On third and long, the quarterback scrambles out of a mad rush and spots Jake deep in the middle of the field, a perfect pass and a spectacular catch, he takes them to the 15 yard line with 7 seconds left. But wait, there's an injury time out. Call 911! (or Mom) It's JAKE, having an Asthma ATTACK in the LAST PLAY OF THE GAME. (He must have forgotten that I promised if he made the game winning touchdown, I would buy him a WII game!)

Unfortunately, both games ended the same. The defense held their ground on the final play and no game winning touchdowns were scored. I'm so proud of my boys and my hub for the great jobs they did this season. They are all winners in my book. (of course, I'm the mom so I have to say that.)

After the games we went out for ice cream and inhalers. Sadly, CONSOLATION ice cream never tastes as good as VICOTRY ice cream. (Especially when it's ALBUTEROL flavored.)


SBZabriskie said...

We are so glad that Jacob was ok-Koby was really worried. And that was definately an amazing catch he made at the end of the game!

Skeet said...

Thanks, Jake said this morning that he was worried about Koby rubbing it in that they won, so when he got home from school today I asked how it went. He said that Koby was awesome to him and was just glad he was okay. I totally love Koby. What a cool friend! Hunter and Jacob are excited to be on the same team with Koby for basketball. :)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I hear albuterol flavored ice cream ain't half bad. lol. This was so well written. Good job, Lynita. Way to build up the tension. It's been forever long since we've seen you. I'd like to have the boys sleep over some time. Let me know when you need an overnighter.

Skeet said...

Hey Crash, the boys DEFINATELY want a sleep over. I know, it's been too long... that's what happens when you move to Utah. Sad. Really it's my fault, I've been pretty anti social lately. I think I'm still going through my mid-life crisis. How long do you think they usually last. I think I'm heading into year two.... Isn't that long enough? Anyway, enough about me.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

My mid-life crisis lasted quite a long while. The edges of it are a bit blurry, but I think years is a good starting point. ;)

I've been so self centered too. Moving sucks the life out of you. I can't wait to bounce back.

Alan and I are spending the night in Park City on Friday. Zach has a camp out, but maybe the twins could sleep over at your house. We could host them all here the next week (or whenever you want a get-away).

We still need to pull a Thelma and Louise to cope with the mid-life crisis. Do you feel you need it as much as you did 2 months ago?

Skeet said...

Hey Crash, Yes we can take the twins on Friday. I do have to work 12-12, but Dan said he could hang with them that night and then I'll hang with them on Saturday while he works. Give me a call for details.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hey Lynita, I'll call you. Our problem right now is we are leaving around 1 or 2 pm before they come home from school so it will be a hassle to try to bring them out. We are thinking of alternatives. I'll call you later this morning.