Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It's that time of year again. Time for our 5th annual haunted gingerhouse party. Tonia and Taylor and their kids came over. This year Teri and Jarom joined us too. The biggest trick to this treat is to make the house before the kids eat all the candy.

I'd say Hunter was the most into it this year. He definately got those creative juices-a-flowin'.

Noah was much more interested in the HOMEMADE COTTON CANDY machine that Jarom made out of a cardboard box, a sobe lid, and some kind of wire thingys that made it run. VERY COOL! We added the cotton candy to the houses this year for the spider web effect.

Kenzie was totally the master mind behind the house. She told me what to do and was NOT happy if I did not obey.

The kids finished house. (including me)

This is Teri's finished house. She took it to her 3rd Grade Class. Lets just say, they were more than impressed...and so were the other teachers. (Teri said she's nervous because they all think she's crafty now. Little do they know, it's Tonia (the real mastermind behind the project) that makes us all look good.

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