Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Family Pics

Wow, It's family picture time AGAIN! Yes, I know I just took family pics with the Reeser family and with Me and the Boys when Jami was here. But now it's the Rogers' turn. Here they are....I personally think they turned out rather wonderfulish.
The Whole Rogers Family
From left to right: Steve's Family, John's Family, Melanie's Family, Sheila(Grandma), Debbie's Family, Eric's Family, Daniel's Family(that's me), and Scott's Family.

And here we are....again.

From left to right: Noah, Daniel, Jacob, Lynita, Hunter

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Teri said...

Your family is so cute! And I think I see some curl in your hair...??? Random, but the other day I wanted to play with your long hair and see if it would curl. I think I should still try it sometime.. Anyways, you're all so cute.