Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Is Pneumonia Funny?

My hub asked me what I was going to blog about tonight at work. I told him I really didn't have any ideas tonight so I probably wouldn't write one. He seemed a little disappointed so I said that I could write about Hunter having pneumonia. But then he seemed even more disappointed. He said, "But that's not funny......I like it when you write funny blogs." So, since I AM trying to keep him all buttered up so he'll hurry up and book me a cruise (to the Bahamas) already, I said I could write a funny post about Hunter having pneumonia.

What? What was I thinking? There really isn't anything funny about my poor son having pneumonia. One night he went to bed, the next morning he woke up and said, "I think I have Bronchitis." So, I listened to his lungs...and then I practically leaped out of my chair to call the doctor. I have never heard lungs sound like that. It kinda sounded when a train puts on its brakes and the metal starts rubbing and screeching and the cars start clunking together. So, we get to the doctors office, and he listens to his lungs and proceeds to ask me dumb questions like, does he have reactive airway disease, and has he ever had ARDS(a commonly fatal respiratory infection), and has he ever been "mostly dead" before. So, being the calm, cool, collected mom that I am, I just answered the questions with a fake smile on my face, and said, "just get me the dang antibiotics and get me outta here." I didn't think to ask for any kind of breathing treatment, even though 75% of the patients I see in the hospital have respiratory infections and are there for breathing treatments. So that night, as my son was about to take his last breath (okay, I may be adding a bit of melodrama for effect) I remembered....OMGosh, my brother-in-law, who is a physicians assistant and had just been staying at my house, and who is moving to Utah, and who left a bag of medications in my closet because he is moving to Utah, probably has an inhaler in there for his son. So I picked up the phone and instead of dialing a code blue, I dialed my brother-in-law in Hawaii and asked if he had albuterol in his bag of tricks. That's when I heard it, a choir of angels singing in perfect harmony, YES, I do. So, to my brother-in-law, I owe my first born son, or maybe just a big fat thank you very much and a bag of Doritoes or something.

So, long story short, can you believe my luck, my son has pneumonia AND my legs are showing signs of atrophy from not exercising due to the sudden and mysterious case of the missing IPOD.
Lynita's Deep Thought for the Day: Sometimes life just isn't funny...whatcha gonna do.


The Crash Test Dummy said...

I disagree. Life is always funny. And YES, even pneumonia can hee heelarious, especially when the doctor asks you if your son has ever been "mostly dead" before and you poke his eyes out.

I can't believe you're giving us your first born mostly dead son. Can we have your 2nd born mostly alive son instead?

Thanks for all your house hunting on our behalf. You've got Al looking at homes is Spanish Fork now. I just keep saying "NO habla espanol!"

I am so laughing that you want to pick up our car for us. You are too cute. I told my mom that me and you are going to be Thelma and Louise for my blog.

Skeet said...

Crash, You're on. I mean about being Thelma and Louise. Not about my 2nd born mostly alive son. In fact, now that my first born mostly dead son is feeling better, I might just keep him too. BTW, I'm walking through your dream house today. I'll give you a hint, river, tennis court, mapleton.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh man! Can't wait to hear about it. But just a heads up, if it's the one where the mom off'd herself in the garage, FORGET IT! I'm superstitious like that.

It looks like it might be cheaper to ship our car to LA and drive it back so we'll let you know.

Skeet said...

AWESOME, I really, really, really want a road trip.