Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Pics

Jami, my Canadian Photographer Diva sister, took pictures for us while she was here. (and I mean Diva in the nicest way possible of course, but you'd call her a diva too if you had seen the 10inch stiletto heels she had sent to my house while she was here) Love ya, Jami!

...and my personal favorite... (this is pretty much what we look like most of the time)

Thanks Jami, I love the pics!


Jen and Chris said...

very cute...i like the last one!

Skeet said...

Thanks Jen. It looks like you're the only one around my blog this summer. Did you get my email about the paint?

Tanya said...

Those are great pictures!! Speaking of which...I still haven't emailed the waterslide pictures to you yet. Can you say slacker!!

jamigibb said...

Dear far as my "diva" status goes.... I'll take it! It beats the heck out of "frumpy" "ordinary" or "boring"!! (bty, I know you loved the shoes!)

Skeet said...

Hey, Jami, I knew you would love the title. BTW, I like your new profile picture, it really brings out your personality. :)