Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Independance Boy!!

Happy Birthday Jake! For Jakes birthday this year, we celebrated with cake and ice cream and presents on the 3rd because we knew it was going to be a crazy fun filled day on the 4th. So, after the cake, ice cream and presents, all three of the boys had a sleep over at Tysons house. Then, early in the morning they went with John and Cally's family to the hot air balloons. Dan and I met them all at the Parade. After the parade we had a quick lunch and were off to boating with Chad and Melanie. Then after I beat everybody at tube wars (hey, I thought the winner was the one who fell off the most) we hurried home to get ready for the STADIUM OF FIRE to watch Glenn Beck, the dancers, The Jonas Brothers and the awesome fire works. It was a great show and an even GREATER Day.


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh fun! fun! fun! (As gigi would say)

Hey, thanks for letting Tatum stay the night. She enjoyed it. Wish we could have been there, but we will be very sooooooon. Can't wait.

Do you guys ever check your email? Girlfriend, I emailed you yesterdee!

You can get $28 tickets to Lagoon if you buy something at Deseret Book. And do you want to go to American Idol concert in West Valley on the way home? Mel is interested. Al doesn't want to go. Garrett totally wants to go, but he's the only one.

Let me know. We are totally psyched for tennis on Friday night. Tatum has been playing 4 matches a day. She won all 4 today. She is ranked 11 in her group. She says it's a really hard group. Her group/team slaughtered the team they played today.

Let me know if Dan wants to go watch and I'll find out details.

Hey, did Jake get braces?


And you look so pretty lately. What's up with that?

Skeet said...

Crash, Well you are toooooo kind. Sorry I'm a slacker emailer backer. Yes, we'll get the $28 tickets. I would love to go to the American Idol concert, however, I looked up tickets and it would cost another exorbant amount of mula. I just don't think I can justify two exorbant amounts of money in the same day. Now, if it were the very next day, maybe that would be different. :)

I totally loved having Tatum here. We are planning to watch her tournament on Friday at 9am, is that the right time?

Jake did get braces on his front four teeth, he's still waiting for the back ones to come in before he gets the whole job done.

Thanks for saying I look pretty. I have been completely off of Diet Mountain Dew, and all other similar vices for about 6 weeks now. I think that might be what you're seeing. (it's the post-caffeine withdrawl glow)