Saturday, June 6, 2009

Olivia's Castle

Tonia, as you know if you've been reading my blog, just had a baby boy. Yesterday was Olivia's birthday. So, Olivia and Mackenzie and I made this cute castle cake.

I think 'Livi' loved it. Happy 3rd Birthday Liv.


Tanya said...

Will you make a cake with me on my birthday?! That is soooo cute!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...



Your verifier says bewedess. That is a cake to beWED.

I'm flabergasted!!!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

And all with a smile on your face.

Teri said...

Yes, I think you're right Skeet. Livi did love it, and for obvious reasons! You're cake looked just like the castle of my dreams too. Anyways, you look lovely in this picture. AND You've found yet another thing to be awesome at.

Skeet said...

Hey, thanks for all the wonderful compliments everyone, but I really can't take all the credit. It was Tonia's idea, I just did what she told me to do.