Friday, June 5, 2009


On Thursday we went out on the boat with Chad and Melanie (sis-in-law) because Zach was visiting from Hawaii and we wanted to do something fun with him. Grandma came too, she loooves the boat. She says she could live on the boat.

The boys (Zach, Tyson, Hunter, Jacob, and Noah) had sooooo much fun. I tried to get video of them flipping off the tubes, but just before the best wipe out happened, my memory card ran out of room. Boooo. It was hillarious. Somehow Chad got both tube to flip over at the exact same time and all five boys went flying off.

The girls (Erica,Madi, Lizzi, Jackie, and Emma) were slightly less daring. No one was thrown off, BUT they did get really excited and loved the fast ride on the tubes and just hanging out togethe

So all in all, it was a fun time had by all ..... well, almost all. Dan apparently was feeling tired and sea sick. So this was his position for most of the time. Except at the end when he pushed me in the lake and then Erica (I love Erica) pushed him in the lake. Hehe. It's too bad he had his wallet and phone in his pocket at the time, but I still feel like it was totally worth a new phone to see him get into the water. BTW, does anyone want a free canary yellow sweatshirt....ssshhhh.


Anonymous said...

Great post, one of your best

Tanya said...

I agree! You say so much by saying nothing at all!

Skeet said...

Hahahahahaha, Hey now, I tried to post a video but it didn't work. Pictures and words are coming. Be patient. :)

Anonymous said...

looks like lots of fun. Your husband looks cute in yellow.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha ha ha

Okay, first of all, why would someone post a compliment anonymously? And then someone else posts a compliment to your hub anonymously.


But anyway, thank you for taking the time to take Zach out boating. HOW FUN to see the photos. It made me so happy to know he was having fun. In fact I just finished giving him a back massage because he says he's so sore from boating. ha ha He told me all about the CRAZY flip. He said it was the craziest crash ever.

Too bad about Dan's call phone, but from what I hear he deserved it after pushing YOU in. Way to go Erica.

And about the yellow sweat shirt. Dan wouldn't be Dan without it.

I just figured out that Dan is Mr. Anonymous. Who else would think he looked cute in Yellow!

HA! Case cracked.

We are sending Tatum to a Tennis camp (I think). July 6-10. Dan might want to go watch her.