Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

I slept in late for Mothers Day while my kids put the finishing touches on my Mothers Day cards. (All homemade and adorable)

Then when I came downstairs they each (including my husband) handed me their card and a gift. They gave me these Willow Tree figures. I love them. So sweet.

Don't ask me where they got their thoughtfulness from.... A few days before Mothers Day I talked to my sisters about what we should get for our MOM. We decided to give her a Peony bush in a pot, because she loves peonies and she keeps killing them off in the ground. We thought the pot would help. Soooo, Tonia was going to pick up the plant and Shana was getting the pot. My assignment was to get the DIRT. I said to Tonia, ooohhh, so I'm giving Mom dirt for Mothers Day? Yes. So we had a barbeque on saturday and I came with dirt in hand. (Well, not literally, it was in bags.) But when my sisters got there, they had forgotten the plant and pot at home. So, I looked incredibly ungrateful giving my Mom DIRT for Mothers Day. :( Not Cool. So today I took my AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, SMART, LOVING Mom out for lunch to make up for the DIRT.

btw, I lost 1 POUND this week; only 9 more to go. ;)


jamigibb said...

I love dirt! Your too cute! Good job on the 1 pound. I haven't stepped on the scale since We got back from Hawaii!!! I'm not going too either! I don't want to know what it says.... well maybe I do but I'm scared...

The Crash Test Dummy said...

ha ha ha hah a ha You gave your mom dirt for Mother's day.

I can't believe your sister forgot the plant.