Thursday, April 2, 2009



(I'm not good enough at this blogging thing to actually get the pictures in order, but you don't care, do you...)
Yeah, we finally made it after a 5hour layover in San Francisco! Awesome beaches a block away from the Framptons house.

Noah boogie boarding. Noah would definately be a surfer boy if he could. He loved the ocean.


This was Debbie everynight, slaving away in the kitchen for us. Mahalo Debbie.

The Twins! (Wyatt and Garrett)

Noah and Garrett

Hunter and Garrett

Daniel vs. The Boys I wonder who will win???

Hey, is that traveling?

This is the celebration after the game. Who do you think the win is?

More celebration!!! Wonder why they are soooo darn excited????

Could it be because Daniel bet each of them 10$ if he lost.

This is the proof that he's paid up on his debts. We don't want these crazy boys coming to us in a year saying, "hey you owe me ten dollars.... remember that time......"

Pearl Harbor

Hunter, Jacob, Noah, Lynita, Daniel, Wyatt, Garrett

Whoooo, who's having fun at the Luau?

Smile for the camera. :)

....or not?

Well, at least some of us had fun.

My Baby.

Tatum and her new best bud. (Noah)

Daniel and Noah. Can you tell Dan is concentrating? Watch the tongue.

Polynesian Cultural Center

On the boat, obviously.

Hunter. So Cute.

Okay, I wish I had more boys. It's so cute to see them all hanging out together.

The famous Mosumotos Shaved Ice.

(Delicious, except for the bean Debbie made me eat. Yuck! Who puts beans in shaved ice.)

My six little turtles.

Okay, the real turtle.

Polynesian Cultural Center

Fishing booth.
Noah caught a 4 pounder.......okay, maybe more like a 4 ouncer. Go Noah!

Cute boy at the PCC.

Older cute boy at the PCC.

Garrett, practicing for "older cute boy at the PCC" position.

Hunter at Alligator Pond. Yes, in Hawaii, they call this a pond.

Cool picture. This is where they film "Lost"

Jake at the "Pond"

Look at this little stud muffin. He's gonna break some serious hearts in a few years. (Noah)

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Jen and Chris said...

Lynita, I'm glad you had fun in Hawaii! It's so nice you had friends to stay and play with. Hopefully one day I'll go to Hawaii....