Friday, April 10, 2009

FHE Bowling Wheeeee!

Jake says, "Who won the bowling game?"
Everybody else answers, "Uh, You did, Jake."
Jake replies, "I know, I just wanted to remind you all, haha."

Hunter, It's okay, there's always next time bud. Don't cry!

Noah....I'm just happy to be here.

Dan, "It's sooo hard to focus on bowling when they have the NCAA Championship game on big screen right in front of me."

Lynita, "I woulda kicked all ya'alls tushies if I didn't have tendonitis in my bowling arm and had to use a 6lb ball."

So, the reason we went bowling for FHE tonight is because Noah got to pick his reward for finishing "Leven Thumps". Way to go Noah!! Great Job!!
(The other boys were kinda thinking this was unfair because they have read literally hundreds of books and they don't get rewarded for each of them." Oh well, whatcha gonna do?)

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