Sunday, December 13, 2009

Congratulations to My Little Sis!!

Shana and Gavin got married in November. Shana was a beautiful bride and Brooklyn and Kendal were adorable. (It sounds like I'm leaving Gavin out, huh, ..... and Gavin was one strapping looking young fellow....... there, how's that.)

Teri, Tonia, Me, Shana, and her new sister-in-laws. (Too bad Jami couldn't make it. I love to get sister pictures. Maybe I can crop her in.)


Woah, that's a little more PDA than I'm comfortable with BABE.

Dan and I had so much fun dancing with the nieces. (Now that our boys are too cool for dancin' with the folks.)


The Crash Test Dummy said...

aaaww, how cute. You look amazing. I'm glad you didn't throw your back out dancing. hee hee

Skeet said...

I know, that's two whole dances without throwing my back out. Yay! Speaking of looking amazing, you looked sooo adorable at the family party in your little boots and sweater outfit. I love it.